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Media & Speaking

Mark Schneider connecting with his audience on Periscope to talk about the #GreenNuclearDeal

Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider is a nuclear futurist and a leading expert in emerging Gen IV Nuclear. He has a Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology and has spent 20 years working with advanced, small-scale reactors within the US Naval Nuclear Power Program.

Mark dedicates himself to educating the public about the implications of Gen IV nuclear technology.  He has more unique social media followers than all pro-nuclear groups combined.

Media Interviews

Mark is pleased to support journalists through live interviews, panel discussions, telephone calls, and by email correspondence.

Mark's press kit and media contact info

National Speaker's Bureau

Mark Schneider is an  engaging speaker who educates the public about the implication of  Gen IV Nuclear technology at conventions, business meetings, schools, churches, community, etc.

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#GreenNuclearDeal on Periscope

Mark regularly hones his Gen IV Nuclear message with a live audience on the Periscope app.  This medium allows users to engage in a live chat stream which is displayed on the side of the screen. Mark is able to respond to questions on-the-fly and to A/B test his  messaging in real-time, getting instant feedback. 

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Media and Business Development Contact

Bernie Lyons, Gen IV Nuclear Inc. 

(778) 839-1249

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