Gen IV Nuclear "101":

100,000 Tons of Nuclear Waste (USA)


Nuclear waste generated in the U.S. is stored at or near one of the 121 facilities across the country. High-level nuclear waste (HLNW) can last up to 125,000 years!

Nuclear Waste = Gen IV Nuclear Fuel


Older nuclear reactors used as little as 0.25% of the available fuel. Gen IV increases efficiency 100-300x. Under-utilized nuclear waste in storage is Gen IV fuel!

60% of Fuel becomes INERT material


After the stored nuclear waste is reintroduced as a Gen IV Nuclear fuel source, approximately 60% of this becomes inert material that is no longer radioactive. 

14 % has Medical uses


After nuclear waste is reintroduced as Gen IV fuel, about 14% becomes less  radioactive material that is suitable for medical isotopes and radiotherapy -- for saving lives!

13% has Industrial uses


When nuclear waste is used as Gen IV fuel, about 13% has utility in industrial applications, such as Mega X-rays that test for leaks in pipelines and sprinkler systems.

13% radioactive for 300 vs 125,000 yrs


The remaining nuclear waste comprises 13%, is much less radioactive, and only must be stored for 300 years vs. 125,000 years! Read this once more and let it sink in!

20,000+ years of C02-FREE energy


Vastly under-utilized nuclear waste can now be efficiently used as Gen IV fuel,  yielding over 20,000 years of  energy demand for the World -- not a typo!

Walk-Away-Safe = Safe from meltdown


If a Gen IV reactors get too hot, it automatically cools on its own. This all happens because of gravity—no pumps, external power, or human intervention is required. 

No weapons-grade material produced


Existing nuclear waste becomes impotent through the Gen IV process.  Gen IV can also consume traditional fuel and no weapons-grade material byproduct will result.

Able to consume bomb material as fuel


Highly enriched uranium (HEU) from dismantled warheads could be part of a Gen IV international fuel reserve. HEU stockpiles are reported to be 260 tons.

More efficient than other green energy


A wind farm must be 8 times the size of New York City  to produce the equivalent amount of electricity as one Gen IV reactor, which has a core the size of a 55 gallon drum.

Russia and China now leading in Gen IV


The G7 is slow to implement Gen IV.  TerraPower (Bill Gates) teamed with Southern Company to build a Gen IV facilities  in  California  and  Tennessee  at  the  National  Laboratories located there.

Implications of a green nuclear deal:

Gen IV will make NEGATIVE CO2 EMISSIONS technologies viable


The idea is to directly suck carbon dioxide out of the air. There are startups working on this now and Gen IV Nuclear will make this a viable technology for the future.

Nobel Scientist works to laser radiation from the residual (13%) Gen IV waste


Dr. Gerard Mourou, 2018 Nobel Prize for Physics, is working to transmute this nuclear waste into new forms of atoms which don’t have the problem of radioactivity

Environmental and Economic interests truly in alignment with nuclear energy


Mark Schneider's  Green Nuclear Deal  powers the planet with Gen IV Nuclear CO2-Free energy, consumes nuclear waste and won't cost taxpayers Trillions

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